Smart Training Solutions

Enhancing Everyone’s Skillset

In-house Training

Our Inhouse training are designed to help employees improve their skills and knowledge in a particular area. This will in turn help them be more productive at work. 

Public Program

Public Training Programs are designed for impact and open to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge base, develop specific professional skills, improve performance, acquire certification, or simply get promoted.

Industry 4.0

This training course will introduce to the key elements and benefits of Industry 4.0, as well as the enabling design principles that supports companies in identifying and implementing various Industry 4.0 scenarios and the key technologies for smart factories.

What We Do

We provide training solution to help organization improve their soft skills & technical skills. We will ensure significant & relevant contribution by bringing the most up-to-date module delivered by expert & experienced trainers.

Microsoft Office (Excel/Powerpoint)

Your microsoft office expert, provides solutions in wide range to organization. STS only delivers great ways to increase productivity & efficiency at your workplace.


Develop activities to help companies build connections between coworkers, create lasting bonds & enable better teamwork & working practices.

“The contents of the training meet the objective and very helpful for day to day operations. The trainer are full of patient and humor which make the class more interesting.”

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Smart training solutions (STS), a company specializing in providing comprehensive training and consultancy services in Information Technology (IT) and Human Leadership Soft Skills.